Boxing project provides Second Chance for Sheffield citizens

October 6 2023

Head of Community Development, Alex Le Guével, was invited to attend a Violence Against Women & Girls Conference in Sheffield this week, as part of Aspire Boxing Club's Second Chance Project.

Second Chance uses non-contact boxing to facilitate discussions around gangs, criminal exploitation, friendships, opportunities and knife crime – with the latest event focusing specifically on issues affecting women and girls.

The project has been funded for a number of years now, thanks to the UK Home Office and Police & Crime Commissioner – and is further supported by key local stakeholders, including Sheffield City Council and South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit.

It was both inspirational and eye opening to hear the stories of the event’s guest speakers, Emma-Jane Taylor and Rachael Court, both of whom are making an incredible difference by raising awareness of sexual abuse in children and domestic violence respectively.

Following the event, Alex Le Guével was keen to build upon the growing relationship between Aspire Boxing Club and Matchroom.

Boxing is uniquely positioned within the sporting landscape.

- Alex Le Guevel

“Boxing is uniquely positioned within the sporting landscape and helps to combat a whole range of social problems,” said Le Guével.

“The message that Aspire Boxing Club are spreading here is vital, not just to the citizens of Sheffield, but to the nation as a whole. We will do whatever it takes to support the club with this venture as it progresses and look forward to paying them a visit at their gym the next time we’re in town!”