Fight Day 5K: Hearn v Smith, San Francisco

December 9 2023

Hearn v Smith - A race for the ages in the shadows of the Golden Gate Bridge.

In partnership with BetOnline, the San Francisco Fight Day 5K had a bit of extra spice, as Eddie Hearn faced off against Frank Smith in the latest instalment of the pair’s infamous sporting challenges.

With things relatively even in their most recent outing on the golf course, office bragging rights were on the line at Crissy Field with only five kilometres separating one of Matchroom’s main men from Californian glory.

With Hearn decked head to toe in Everlast kit and looking ready for business, Smith opted to appeal to the locals, sporting a personalised Golden State Warriors vest and can of C4 Energy – along with a determined demeanour.

As the race got underway, Hearn went off as he always does, fast from the start – with Smith choosing to bank on the fact he’d hit a brick wall after 3K!

Unfortunately, these tactics didn’t pay off – with Hearn romping home to victory in a time of 22 minutes 30 seconds. Smith followed around 3 minutes later, blaming defeat on his lack of preparation and poor camp.

This doesn't define me.

- Frank Smith

“Not every day is going to be your best performance,” said a defeated Smith to trackside reporter, Dave Coldwell.

“I went out there, I thought I had a chance today. He’s been out of training, but obviously I haven’t been putting in the effort in camp for this moment (which was confirmed three days ago),” he continued.

“We’ll come back one day. This doesn’t define me.”

When asked about a rematch clause, Smith was quick to shut it down.

“I don’t need a rematch clause. I will prove myself at the highest level and one day we’ll have it again – but I’ll probably have to wait until he’s about 50!”

I ain't f***ing losing!"

- Eddie Hearn

In complete contrast to his rival, Hearn was in fine spirits as he toasted a sensational victory.

“We’re different out here! In all seriousness, this is the difference between a winner and a loser,” beamed Hearn, visibly exhausted from his efforts.

“I could’ve given up. I was on the verge of a heart attack. You don’t understand my mentality. I ain’t f***ing losing!”

When questioned about the experience, Hearn was quick to suggest he could’ve taken things a little easier in hindsight.

“You don’t understand what I went through there. The worst thing is he’s like three minutes behind me. I could’ve gone another two minutes slower, where is he?!”

As if defeat wasn’t enough for Smith to contend with, he then had to complete the loser’s forfeit – jumping in the freezing cold San Francisco Bay!

If tonight’s main event at the Chase Center is anything like this morning’s battle of the titans, the Californian fans are surely in for a treat.