Cordina: I’m Close To World Title Action

April 28 2020

Joe Cordina has plotted his route to becoming a World champion and revealed on Matchroom Boxing’s podcast ‘The Lockdown Tapes’ that he thinks he could be just three fights from ruling the world.

Cordina (11-0 7 KOs) moved down to Super-Featherweight in his last outing in November where he landed the WBA Continental title with a classy display in Monte Carlo against Mario Tinoco.

The ‘Welsh Wizard’, who had successfully defended the British and Commonwealth Lightweight titles in August before dropping to 130lbs, is hoping to be in action in July in Cardiff and looking to raise the level of opponents as he hunts World title action, and he feels he’s at the right weight to strike gold and land his first World title as a pro very soon.

“Talent-wise I feel I’m at that top level, if not beyond some of the fighters, but I don’t have the World level experience that they have had yet,” said Cordina. “I’ve had 12 and ten round fights, but it’s being in with World level fights time and again so for me, two, three, four of those fights at that level, I think I’ll be ready to take a title off of one of the big boys.

“We have some names for the possibly July date like Jhonny Gonzalez and Rocky Martinez, ex-World champions and for me that’s where I want to be, that top level and I want to be winning a World title in may next few fights so Eddie did say to me about having a World level opponent next like Gonzalez, then another fight and then the World title by the end of this year but that was before this all happened.

“It’s all been pushed back now of course and  it will probably be close to ten months since my last fight, so we need to be smart with it, do we take on a Gonzalez after so long out of the ring, but he’s in the same boat, or do I have any easier fight than him to get back in there then fight Gonzalez and delay the World title route by a fight or two. I have to go back and speak to Tony Sims and see what he wants to do, because like any boxer, if you ask if they want to fight for a World title next I’ll say yes get me in there, it’s business not who has got the biggest pair, so it’s about being smart.

“I felt comfortable at Lightweight like against Gavin Gwynne, not once did I think he’s too strong or this or that, at the same time though he’s British level,” said Cordina. “These World level fighters are the same size as Gavin is, they can bang, and they are going to be stronger.

“I just felt that my best chance of winning a World title now is at Super Featherweight, don’t get me wrong, I do believe I could win a World title at Lightweight and who knows that I could move up in the future and do it but at the present moment my best chance is at 130lbs and I believe that in around three to five fights I will win one of them.”

As well as speaking about his World title ambitions, Cordina talks about sparring Jorge Linares, his amateur days, his faith, family life, twitter trolls and much more in the latest episode of ‘The Lockdown Tapes’.

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