Fight Week Diary: Benn vs Dobson

January 30 2024

Welcome to the Matchroom Boxing Fight Week Diary ahead of Saturday’s show headlined by Conor Benn and Pete Dobson. Scott Hammerton here live from Las Vegas. Keep checking back throughout the week as more will be dropping below each day… Just a reminder we’re -8 hours behind here in the Fight Capital of The World.

Saturday: Fight Day

7.18pm: That’s a wrap from Vegas, it’s time to fly home for our show in London next week!

4.10pm: Bill Haney has rocked up at the press conference! The trainer and Father to Devin congratulates Conor on his win and admits a fight down the line is of interest.

3.51pm: The crowds have dispersed, we’re awaiting the arrival of Conor Benn, Eddie Hearn and Tony Sims for the post-fight press conference to the media.

3.13pm: Dana White leaves the venue, signing autographs and posing for photos. I believe he’s heading over to The Apex for his own show now!

3.07pm: It’s a wide points win for Benn, 119-109, 118-110, 118-110. The Destroyer goes the full 12 for the first time in his career.

1.54pm: Given all the early finishes on the undercard, the main event ringwalks will be shortly after 10pm back home in the UK. Just popped in to Conor’s changing rooms, looks very sharp as you’ll see across our socials from a live video.

1.44pm: What a knockout from Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams! The unbeaten Middleweight will be looking to close on a World Title shot this year.

1.05pm: Plenty of faces ringside… Katie Taylor, Sandy Ryan, Jorge Linares, Ashley Theophane, Marc Castro. Some talk of Keyshawn Davis too, I wonder if Eddie will pop up and talk about Andy Cruz!

12.50pm: Johnny Fisher! A one round blowout over Bezus, much to the delight of the travelling Romford Bull army. Trust me, there’s a few of them here. In the post fight interview, Eddie Hearn teases his addition to the Gill vs Barrett card in Manchester next.

12.24pm: It’s light work for Khalil Coe who steps up with easy! Meanwhile backstage, Conor Benn and Pistol Pete are in the building.

11.58am: Two wins from two for the young Essex prospects Sainsy and George Liddard. More are flowing in with their Romford Bull flags and tshirts. Big John’s here too.

10.35am: Doors are open at The Chelsea! Cool little venue this, had a quick wander around, it’s very compact – not a bad view in here.

09.16am: Jimmy Sains has arrived, opening tonight’s show just after 11. Beaming smile is evident, what an experience.

08.10am: Time to go to the venue, never left this early before. Hopefully the tea and coffee is

04.19am: Morning all! An early start to watch some Premier League football but Fight Day is finally here in Vegas. Don’t forget the show begins at 11am (7pm UK) with main event ringwalks set for 10.30pm back home.

Friday: Weigh In

8.22pm: A few of the team have just finished up a content shoot with Sandy Ryan in her new Vegas surroundings. Big fight coming up in March with Terri Harper.

6.10pm: Our 5k is complete in Vegas, good to have Rocky Hernandez and Marc Castro out running with the rest of the squad!

3.01pm: You never know who you might bump into out here… Katie Taylor! Great to catchup with the Undisputed 140lbs World Champ, who was off to visit the UFC training facility shortly for a session.

2.12pm: The fighters shoot off after various media obligations to load up.  Jimmy Sains admits it’s slightly different given the early start time. “I’ve not boxed this early in my career, even in the amateur days. I’ll eat a bit earlier, then be up for breakfast then it’s straight to the venue!”

1.40pm: All weighed in! Our main event are equal, tipping the scales at 150.6lbs.

12.22pm: Fair to say the UK fans have arrived in numbers. Speaking to a young Gent named Jay from Brentwood who experiences Vegas for the first time… “I’ve always wanted to come here, with four Essex lads on the card – What better way to fly out!”

9.12am: It’s weigh in day here in Las Vegas, fighters on the scales at 1pm local time.

"Thanks to everyone who has paid to come out here, I will not let you down!"

- Johnny Fisher

"I'm coming to take his head off in the first round!"

- Conor Benn

Thursday: Press Conference

4.52pm: Don’t forget our Fight Day 5k series is slightly different this week – It takes place tomorrow afternoon at Sunset Park.

3.37pm: Season 4, Episode 5 wrapped up of our ‘Flash Knockdown’ Podcast with guests Khalil Coe, Jimmy Sains, one time Conor Benn opponent Kane Baker who is here to support The Destroyer and MMA star Leah McCourt who is around to cheer on Molly McCann ahead of her UFC fight this weekend. Edit time, will be with you in the morning back home!

1.32pm: Presser done – Conor and Pete not holding their words. Ammo Williams talked with such authority. Fisher on good form. Post presser lunch with Darren Barker and Ade Oladipo now an afternoon of podcast recording ahead…

10.41am: Fighters are in the building (and Big John too!) the Brit’s are here in numbers!

09.20am: We’re setting up at The Cosmo for the final press conference, watch live at 11am local or 7pm back home in the UK!

Wednesday: Media Day

7.50pm: That’s a wrap for Media Day, a few of the Matchroom team are meeting up for a planning session over dinner. Back tomorrow!

2.15pm: Ammo Williams was slightly delayed on his arrival into Vegas but insists he’s more than ready to keep his unbeaten streak alive.

11.46am: It’s a first time in Las Vegas for Jimmy Sains who grew up watching the big fights early on TV with his Dad. “I remember doing the all nighters or setting the alarm for the likes of Mayweather and Canelo fights.”

10.58am: “From Bas Vegas to Las Vegas, this is unreal!” – George Liddard is soaking it up ahead of Saturday’s sixth fight in the pro game.

10.01am: The Destroyer is officially in fight mode. “Many fighters dream of this. My Dad won here back in 1990, the Benn name is established in America. I am coming to take Dobson’s head off clean on Saturday!”

09.34am: Johnny Fisher joins us first who has been training over here for the last three and a half weeks. “I’ve got 150/200 people coming over, I’ve not seen some of my closest friends and family for a long time so I owe it to them for a performance, it’s not the cheapest of places for them to spend their hard earned money,” said the Romford Bull.

08.55am: Another day nearer to our first US show of the year! It’s ‘Media Day’ here at the MGM Grand. We have the fighters on rotation coming in to conduct various interviews, photos and other obligations.

Tuesday: First Face Off

11.59pm: It’s been a busy afternoon and evening… Away from Vegas, we’re just about to announce something rather large across Socials.

4.22pm: Walk down The Strip and a sign for Benn vs Dobson is visible at The Cosmo. The Destroyer up in lights!

2.56pm: The face off is live in full up on our YouTube now, spicy. We have an interview just wrapped up with Eddie talking various subjects, which will likely drop first thing UK time now given the time difference. “Our job is to make a big fight for Conor next but this is a good fight with Dobson who is very tough.”

12.21pm: 2-0 Jimmy Sains is strolling about the Cosmo hotel reception with a coffee. “This is a dream come true!” The 23 year old Brentwood puncher opens the show this Saturday approximately 7pm back home in the UK.

11.58am: Two Face Offs complete, the first by the entrance of Saturday’s venue The Chelsea followed by the iconic Las Vegas sign just by the airport. A few words exchanged outside. Photos and videos to follow on our social channels.

08.54am: Good morning from Las Vegas, some place. The majority of staff and teams all touched down Monday night for the Fight Week events. We have a first Face Off today with our main event, Conor Benn and ‘Pistol’ Pete Dobson… Much has been said in the build-up across various press releases and the like so anything could happen. Just a reminder we’re -8 hours behind here in the Fight Capital of The World.

"I must deliver Conor that monster fight next but Dobson is tough so it's all eyes on Saturday."

- Eddie Hearn