Renda Ready To Finally Capture Prizefighter Glory

February 10 2015

Peterborough man recalls classic final against Martin Murray ahead of Middleweights tournament

Cello Renda has his sights set on lifting the Prizefighter Middleweights line-up at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, live on Sky Sports on Saturday night, having been involved in one of the tournament’s most exciting finals against Martin Murray in 2008.

Renda made it to the final of the fourth edition of Prizefighter, losing out on a split-decision to Martin Murray at York Hall in a fantastic final. While Murray prepares to take on Kazakhstan phenomenon Gennady Golovkin in a World title clash, 29 year old Renda is recalling that night in east London ahead of his second crack at the trophy.

“I have very, very good memories of last time,” said Renda. “People still talk the final between Martin and me and say it was the best final Prizefighter has had. I know what it is all about going into this Prizefighter, and I know how much I have to dig deep and bite on that gumshield to get that win.

“Being involved in it before has set me up really well for this Prizefighter because I know the lads who are in it this year haven’t been through it like I have and that is going to hold me in good stead.

“I have a good feeling about tonight because I’ve been here before. I have done the interviews before, the TV with the cameras, I know the format, getting into the ring, out and back in again. I have been through all of that but some of the fighters might freeze in front of it all.

“You have to be willing to dig deep and let your hands go. You only have three rounds and before you know it the fight could be over and you have only just got started and it is too late.

“The experience is a massive help. The fighters that are in it, no disrespect, but they aren’t going to show me anything I haven’t already been through. I have had 37 fights, I have been tested, I have been beaten and I am sure the people who are in Prizefighter, had they fought the people I have fought, they wouldn’t still be unbeaten. These boys haven’t fought anybody that has asked questions of them. I know come fight night when I am hitting them on the chin, the questions will be answered.”