Matchroom Teams With Drip As Our Official Water Partner

April 25 2024

The boxing world has blown up with a knockout performance from Eddie Hearn and Big Zuu, as the two personalities face off in a stunt to promote new partnership.

The viral video shows Zuu and Hearn clash, before squaring up in the ring to announce Matchroom’s official water partner, Drip – Big Zuu’s new British canned natural mineral water.

The stunt is the latest of several high energy performances from Zuu promoting the launch of Drip across TV, social and even a live freestyle on prime-time gameshow A League of Their Own. Zuu states that he’s on a mission to transform the way we drink water – encouraging people to ditch the plastic and embrace alternative ways of staying hydrated.

“I was sick of drinking water that didn’t taste good. And you know, water doesn’t have to be boring. I’m into great taste, so the experience of hydrating with bottled water wasn’t working for me. The waste, the pollution from plastic water, it’s all toxic, and it’s especially bad in London. That’s when I decided to switch things up and launch Drip.

“It’s mad how successful it’s been. Obviously, we worked hard on the branding and positioning and that’s why we were so keen to partner with Matchroom as a drink partner – plus I’m a huge boxing fan so it felt like a natural fit. We want people to want to be seen drinking Drip. And obviously, hydration and performance are so linked, so a partnership with Matchroom was a no brainer for us. Eddie has been great – we obviously joked making the video. All I’m saying is… saved by the bell Eddie, saved by the bell.”

Matchroom Sport chairman Eddie Hearn said of the partnership: “You need to have the right minerals to succeed in boxing – and Drip definitely delivers the gold standard when it comes to a refreshing can of Water. Big Zuu and the team are shaking things up and we’re delighted to have them on board for our big fight nights.”

Drip, already stocked in national retailers such as Morrisons and WHSmith, offers a canned alternative to still and sparkling water. The new product has sustainability at its core – using aluminium and saving 95% of the energy it would take to make a plastic bottle or carton. Drip also provides consumers with a heightened hydration experience, by naturally filtering the water through layers of chalk with the water containing essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium from deep within England’s South Downs, providing feel good benefits, as well as the ultimate hydration.

The Matchroom partnership launches on 26th April, with a Drip presence at the McGrail Vs Leach fight on the 27th April and onwards.


Founded in 2023 by grime artist and television personality Big Zuu, a disruptor in the water market, Drip natural mineral water is of the highest quality and untouched from source. It’s naturally filtered and enriched with minerals from deep within England’s South Downs at the first ‘filled at source’ 500ml water canning facility in the UK.

Drip uses infinitely recyclable aluminium cans, in its mission to stop the use of single use plastic bottles.

Born from the London grime scene but with mass market appeal, Drip’s is the first true lifestyle water brand to ever launch in the UK. Drip’s creative direction and inspiration has been developed from Big Zuu’s cultural and musical roots.

Available nationwide in Morrisons, WHSmith and McColl’s, and available to buy online directly here.