ITC: Antrim 12’s, Belfast

January 24 2024

Belfast youngsters stunned as Sunny Edwards gatecrashes the Antrim 12's!

Sunny Edwards made a surprise appearance at a Belfast amateur boxing event this evening, as the build-up continued to Crocker v Felix at the Ulster Hall on Saturday.

Local youngsters were delighted to see the former IBF Flyweight World Champion, flanked by Matchroom’s Head of Community Development, Alex Le Guével, as he posed for photos, signed autographs and took in the action at Shankill Leisure Centre.

The Antrim 12’s, supported by Belfast City Council, is open to all Antrim boxers born between the years 2006 & 2012. To enter, a boxer must not have competed in more than 12 contests. The tournament is the starting point for many junior boxers, providing up-and-coming talent with a platform to showcase their skills and a real springboard towards success.

For these kids, this fight is everything!

- Sunny Edwards

Speaking from ringside, Sunny Edwards highlighted just how important these events are to youngsters at this level.

“For these kids, this fight today – whenever they’re fighting – is everything,” stated Edwards.

“Genuinely. If they lose – it’s like the world’s falling apart. Their whole identity, all their effort, it’s crazy,” he continued.

“You’ll see kids fighting here harder than you’ll see in loads of professional rings, until their body gives way, they’re just going and going.”

Edwards went on by highlighting the uniquely engaging characteristics of amateur boxing at this level.

“At this age, when all you’re fighting for is glory, respect and encouragements from your parents; it’s the rawest form of emotion in fighting,” said Edwards.

“Once once money starts getting involved there’s a lot more that goes into it. This is boxing in its rawest form.”

The attention now turns to Saturday night, where Lewis Crocker – a product of the Belfast boxing development pathway himself – looks to continue his momentum in the professional ranks against the dangerous Jose Felix, live on DAZN worldwide.