ITC: No Limits Boxing Club, Liverpool

October 18 2023

Liverpool boxing club shows that there's No Limit to how many people you can cram in for a visit from Tony Bellew!

No Limits Boxing Club in Liverpool opened its doors to a host of boxing stars – including hometown hero, Tony Bellew – on Wednesday night for the latest Matchroom in the Community fight week event.

The Former WBC Cruiserweight Champion and local legend was joined by JJ Metcalf, Caoimhin Agyarko, Gary Cully, Cameron Vuong and Shannon Courtenay – plus around 100 young boxers, to celebrate grassroots boxing and the positive impact the sport is having in some of the nation’s most deprived communities.

The fighters joined forces with club coaches to deliver a guest session, Q+A and show tickets to lucky youngsters as part of the build up to Saturday’s Catterall v Linares Fight Night – with a round robin tag boxing challenge deciding the VIP winners!

These places save lives!

- Tony Bellew

“These places save lives – that’s what these amateur boxing gyms do,” stated Bellew.

“You see the camaraderie in here, you see the kids coming together – it’s unbelievable to watch. Every kid walks out of here dripping with sweat, with a smile on their face. They’ve worked hard and earned a good dinner when they get home,” he continued.

“I just can’t emphasise the importance of places like this and it’s just so sad that there’s not enough of them.”

Another local fighter – IBO Super Welterweight World Champion, JJ Metcalf – was also keen to express how vitally important amateur boxing clubs are in the city of Liverpool.

Where would they be if they weren't in here? It's massive!

- JJ Metcalf

“For me growing up, I needed something like this – most of the city need it,” proclaimed Metcalf.

“You know, look how many kids are here. Where would they be if they weren’t in here? It’s massive!”

Lightweight prospect, Cameron Vuong, added to this by highlighting the role that amateur boxing clubs play in shaping young fighters, as well as the importance of giving back.

Everyone starts off in a gym like this.

- Cameron Vuong

“I think everyone starts off in a gym like this doing grassroots boxing, just like myself,” stated Vuong.

“So it’s good to give back a little bit and see the talent coming through.”

No Limits Boxing Club

No Limits Boxing Club is a large, community-based facility on the edge of Dingle, Liverpool.

The club provides competitive participation opportunities for junior, youth and senior boxers – as well as fitness-based sessions for recreational beginners. They have recently started up a hugely successful female only class – and also deliver regular inclusive sessions for young people with Down’s Syndrome.

No Limits are very actively involved with their local community, running outreach sessions in a number of local schools, an Eat to Meet programme during school holidays for young people eligible for free school meals and a Million Hours project, focusing on reducing crime and antisocial behaviour in the local area.

Despite thriving, the club were almost evicted from their premises 2 years ago. The threat of their home being sold off for housing still remains and, as such, they are constantly looking for a new, permanent home.

Visits like this are vitally important – and the more we at Matchroom can help to showcase the amazing work taking place within grassroots boxing communities, the better.

A huge thank you must go to Head Coach, Danny Withington from No Limits Boxing Club for being such a great host, as well as the coaching team at Higherside ABC for bringing their young boxers across for the evening.

Liverpool is a proper boxing city with a rich fighting tradition – and its future is in very safe hands if this week is anything to go by!